Frequently Asked Questions

What is Active Birth?

The central principle of an active birth is for the woman to be free to move spontaneously and to be led by her body, adopting upright positions during labour and birth. This practice makes birth easier, safer, more efficient and less painful.

                                                                                                                                                                         Janet Balaskas

This workshop is for you if:

•The idea of a shorter, less painful labour sounds appealing to you.

•You want to create an optimal birth environment.

•You want to learn about your birth options so you can make informed choices.

•You anticipate medical intervention but want to keep things as natural as possible.

•You want drugs but also want to keep things ‘kind of natural’.

•You want to know if/why breathing practice is needed.

•You want to understand the process of labour and what to expect.

•You want to know what positions to adopt to enhance labour.

•You want to prepare and involve your birth partner.

•You want to understand the birth process: your baby’s journey through your pelvis and how your womb works.

•You like the idea of being relaxed through your pregnancy and labour.

•You like the idea of feeling confident and empowered about your birth.

•You are afraid of experiencing pain during birth.

•You want to identify pressure points and massage areas.

•You want to learn to trust your intuition during your birth.

•You want to know more about your options in the third stage of labour.

  1. You want to know more about welcoming your baby in the first hour.

To be upright in labour is to do much more than get into a comfortable position. We physically take a stand and become birth givers. Preparing for an Active Birth © will lessen the chance of complications arising. It will also ensure you approach the birth of your baby in optimal health and less likely to need assistance. The vast majority of labours have the potential to be uncomplicated and evidence indicates that the more intervention in a labour the greater likelihood for an instrumental or caesarean birth. The long held western practice of making women lie on their back contributes largely to the disruption of the fundamental labour process. Janet Balaskas has pioneered the Active Birth© movement since the 1980s. She now runs The Active Birth © Centre in London. For more information see

Film Workshop - Contact for further details

The Face of Birth is a compelling and thought provoking film that outlines the importance of education in birthing and the right of a woman to choose the best birth method for her and her baby.

This is a film of interest for women who had their babies 60 years ago or are expecting in the next few days. It is a stimulus for discussion and understanding, sharing birth experiences and expectations.

So whether you are yet to birth or expecting child number five, this film is about women and men supporting one another in a woman’s right to choose.

The film highlights the monumental importance of birthing and tells the stories of women who choose to birth at home, in hospital VBAC and in birthing centres. It presents vital information from the midwives, doctors and health professionals who support mothers and a medical system that works against them.

Filmed over three years and around the world, it includes interviews with leading birth experts including Sheila Kitzinger, Michel Odent and local supporters of homebirth such as actress Noni Hazelhurst.

For more information, a private class or to attend an introductory day contact Sinead Quinn on 07843815157, 02887725103 or email: 

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Barry & Gemma 2014

“Where do I start.....With my first child I was induced at 40 + 7 and ended up with an emergency section. When becoming pregnant with my second child I never wanted to experience this kind of delivery again. I studied about Active Birth in Northern Ireland & I came across a midwife and natural birth activist, Sinead Quinn. I believe and hoped for the same birthing choices as Natural birth NI. Sinead aims to encourage women to have their ‘best birth’ possible. Something which my husband and I only dreamed about.

I wanted to experience birthing my own child. From research and reading articles about Sinead, and attending an information evening, I thought that she was an inspirational woman. I couldn’t recommend Sinead more highly.

My husband and I attended a set of one on one evenings and you made us feel so welcome and at ease and you made us believe that it would be possible to experience childbirth the ‘Natural Way’. We had our birth we wanted, a truly magical feeling! Only for you we would have had another caesarean section and would never have gotten the chance to experience this childbirth.”


Registered Midwife Workshop 2013

“A really special afternoon- encouraging and invaluable. Thank you for the warm welcome and immediate reassurance. Film really interesting and active birth class was priceless! It’s all about knowledge and confidence and believing what you know to be right.”

Registered Midwife Workshop 2013

"Loved that the Face of Birth film and that a natural birth class came to Dungannon. I found it very beneficial, I am currently 39+4 and I feel it has really strengthened me going into my imminent labour."

Registered Midwife Workshop 2013

“Sinead, a very informative, enjoyable proactive afternoon. Film excellent and should show again.”

Registered Midwife Participant, Gemma 2013

"Sinead your workshop was empowering and a wonderful experience to attend. Glad I came, wish my husband could have attended but I will fill him in. Many thanks."

Registered Midwife Workshop 2013

"The atmosphere in the room was lovely ‘Stay off the bed’  I will always remember ‘Breathe’. Repetition of your words is effective. The demonstration of the baby and pelvis was excellent. Seeing it twice was great, I would have liked to see it again! I will go home and tell and spread the word."

Registered Midwife Workshop 2013

“Sinead keep doing what you are doing. I’m glad that a young woman like yourself is trying to change the attitude of all women. I enjoyed the film and the chat afterwards. It was friendly and relaxing."

Meave, Omagh 2013

"Fantastic! Feel much more confident and empowered. Knowledge is power! Sinead was very enthusiastic and friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended and I would definitely attend again!"

Yvonne Murphy, Cork

“Baby Ollie arrived in a dramatic fashion on the 28th June 2013 in Cork University MH weighing 7 pounds 10. It was as natural a birth as you could get and the advice you gave me as I tried to keep calm knowing my baby was coming! Thank you!”


Catherine and Greg’s Story

Without the guidance and ongoing support from Sinead through her seminar and one on one consultations we never would have had the birth experience that we did. We were considered ‘high risk’ due to the traumatic delivery of our first baby and so I was considering an elective caesarean section until I  heard about Natural birth N.I. and discovered it was possible to have a positive birth experience with the appropriate guidance and preparation.

This resulted in the wonderful empowering experience of birthing our daughter. We were discharged the same day and this time I have recovered much more quickly both physically and emotionally. Athena is a content and happy baby and my only regret is that I didn’t prepare with Natural Birth N.I for my first baby.

I thoroughly recommend this service for all mums and dads- it has been life changing for us. xx


Birth of Baby Bella. Eimear and Pat’s story

I attended an active birth workshop with my husband Pat. Sinead covered a birth plan for us in a very practical and relaxed manner. She went through breathing and aids for labour, positions to use at stages in labour. They all proved to be invaluable in our experience. I used the birthing ball and squatting technique. I had my bundle of joy in 5 hours. The Active Birth Workshop with Naturalbirth N.I prepared us well to support each other in our experience and we bonded through this experience. Postnatally I had no tears to my perineum. Emotionally I felt elated!

Thanks Sinead! Birth on!"