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Why choose Natural Birth?

For some women birth is something of a curiosity, for others a fear. No one knows what birth is like. In fact we all experience birth and pain in different ways. As diverse as we are, so may our experiences be. For some, birth is about ‘getting baby out’. For others it is something instinctive, a challenge that they want to accomplish. For me, it was something I thought about as I became a woman. I wanted to experience birth as a rite of passage.

Of course, sometimes natural birth may not be so ‘natural’ as we may need  drugs and assistance to deliver. Knowing that you have done your very best and understanding why intervention is necessary is important as you look back on your best birth experience. This knowledge allows even the most difficult birth to be a positive experience.

Natural birth NI aims to encourage women to have their ‘best birth’ possible. What if birth was the best day of our lives? What if we felt in control? What if we were euphoric?

If a natural birth is something you aspire to then The Janet Balaskas Workshop is a great place to start!

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