As ancient and awesome as the pyramids Vitality Awareness Health Reflexology, also known as Zone therapy, is both gentle and powerful. It is one of the oldest forms of physical therapy. It works by stimulating specific reflex points on the feet and hands. These reflex points can be used to treat the referred areas of the body. The Initial Consultation We will explore the presenting symptoms and physical and emotional responses. A brief medical history is taken and the course of treatment planned to provide balance and a sense of wellbeing. The treatment is carried out on a semi reclined treatment bed. Sessions usually last for approximately one hour. Specific pressure and movement techniques are used to work the points in the toe, feet and ankles stimulating nerve endings and circulation to promote self healing.


Reflexology can support the body through hormonal changes during pregnancy and post-natal recovery.  Treatments normally begin at 12 weeks of pregnancy and can continue to term and postnatally. Some common pregnancy related symptoms:

Digestive problems and constipation
Water retention
Pelvic and lower back pain
Sleeping difficulties
Restless leg syndrome and cramps
Anxieties and stress prior to giving birth Reflexology supports not only the physical changes of the body as the pregnancy progresses, but also the emotional changes throughout the pregnancy and after birth.

Holly Willoughby: The mum of two and TV star, 32, is a fan of alternative therapies but reflexology - a therapy focused on applying pressure to the feet to solve health problems - is her have. She says: "I had reflexology during my pregnancies - it made me less sluggish and it helped with my water retention."

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