About Me

I am a mother of two children. The birth of my daughter was challenging but with a knowledge of how my body works and great support I had a beautiful euphoric water birth! Amazing!

My son’s birth two years later was a little trickier! For medical reasons I was induced early and I felt the odds for a vaginal birth were against me. With knowledge and remaining active in birth he was birthed on a birth mat, in a position that felt comfortable and natural for me.

Both births were equally amazing. I was amazed at how my body worked for me, how elements of natural active birth can be incorporated into the most medicalised birth. I felt in control. The result was a very happy mother and father and two content little babies. I quickly returned to my active lifestyle, running, surfing and swimming. My husband has no fear of labour… so we have decided he is having the next one!

Professional Background

Sinead Quinn trained as a registered midwife in Queens University Belfast. Her love of Active Birth led her to train with Janet Balaskas in London. Sinead held a post in Accident and Emergency for many years, had a post in medical research and worked in remote Africa. She was party in receiving a M.U.M award in Westminster, London in November 2012 on behalf of Craigavon Area Hospital. She currently works in N .Ireland NHS as a midwife. Active Birth is her passion.

Sinead Quinn has a depth of knowledge and love of empowering women that makes this workshop unique and inspiring. Sinead found a demand for a facility that would allow women time to share their experiences and expectations of pregnancy with birth partners and each other. This workshop allows women to gain a normal birth philosophy by looking at the Art and Science of the birth process and using this knowledge in a practical way.

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